I just called Wells Fargo to get the payoff amount for our second mortgage

We are paying it off Christmas Eve, how cool is that?
Even neater, when the gentleman on the other end asked if I would like to consider a line of credit and I told him know that this would make us debt free he responded “Dave Ramsey would be proud!”
How great is that? I was stunned he brought DR up and told him so, he said he and his wife were trying to walk the walk but her employer had just shut down and they weren’t certain they could do it now. So I told him I need a loan and our story about how much we owed, dh being unemployed for 18 months, our age and how long it took us.
He responded that I was exactly what he needed to hear today because they were really struggling right now and I had inspired him to carry on.
He has urged me to call DR and shout. Not quite ready for that, but it felt good to encourage him and his wife to hang in there.