I have business owning family members.

They have over 30 employees (mostly min. wage or there abouts) – if they take the fine hit of a mere $2K per employee per year for Obamacare it will be very close, if not over, total of their take home pay for the two families. I do not know what they will do. They can’t pass the cost to customer – it will be too high and everyone will freak out w/ cost increases. It’s to the point of why bother. BUT, they have millions in their business and how can they even sell it now?

They are going to have to consider cutting their employee hours to 28 per week to stay under the 30 hr. “full time” mark. People will have to get two ½ time jobs instead of one. This next year sets a “benchmark” for the 2014 year, so employers have to be VERY careful or they will set themselves up for having to pay the $2k fine per employee which will sink many of them.