It’s a little imperfect, given the way I do things.

for example, I take out cash for groceries and gas/fuel in 1 transaction, but there is no way to separate it into 2 transactions….so next month I guess I will be taking out 2 transactions.

I hate seeing how much money we are still wasting. I have GOT to get rid of that debit card.

one trick i’ve figured out is to set a budget to 0 (zero) for things that I really shouldn’t be spending money on (like fast food) or anything else where I really want to track my spending. It then preassigns things based on key words, so for example, I set a budget of 0 for fast food, and voila, I am showing up ‘in the red’ to the tune of (grouse grouse grouse) $173 “over budget.”

Takes a little manipulating, but i need the sticker shock. Oh, and i created a category called ‘wasted expense’ for stuff I have no clue what i bought but clearly (a la debit card) spent money on. that’s an ugly dollar amount…