We considered motels for a long weekend.

Two words kept popping into my head as we discussed it “bed bugs”. I know they aren’t in every motel, but they are in some including some of the nicer ones. One word popped into dh’s head “expensive”. So he decided to spend the weekend trying to find the chewed wire. As he took out paneling at the rear of the trailer I had visions of him not being able to get it back together where it looked right. Piece after piece he took off and no chew wires revealed themselves. Well at least none chewed through. He wrapped a few that showed signs of chewing and destroyed a rodents nest. Just as he was about to give up he took one last piece off. There was a single chewed completely in two wire. Ds went out to help him with it and a couple of other things, and then the they tested the lights again. Nada, zip, zero. GRRRRR.

While I prepared Saturday’s dinner ds suggested they look around the tail light itself. EVERY single wire at that driver side taillight was chewed through! Dadburn rodents!. After dinner dh went back out and fixed all those wires with first my then ds’ help. Then we tested the lights. Yep they came on, but when you put the right blinker on every light on the trailer blinked! UH, OH. By then the temperatures had dropped into the 40’s and dh was exhausted, after all he had totally dismantled the rear of the trailer by this time. He temporarily put things back to keep the predicted rain out of the electrical system and went to bed early.

Yesterday, for various reasons, was our family Thanksgiving. As I cooked the big meal dh went back to the trailer. After a bit he found a connector he hadn’t got exactly attached secure and that fixed the blinking problem.—Whew! He spent the rest of the day, when we weren’t eating, putting my trailer back together in perfect shape and then looking for the chewed wire for the control panel. Oh and as he put the trailer back together he put “Just one bite” mouse and rat poison in every spot he could find! This poison will not hurt my mousers unless they eat a huge amount of the poisoned rodents at one time, as long as the pet doesn’t eat the actual poison, andit mummifies the rodent. Take that you dadburn rodent!
He still hasn’t found the control panel problem, but like I said we can work around that if we get the chance to get away. In the meantime, everything else is working great and we figure he saved a minimum of $700 doing the work himself, and probably closer to $1,000. So that was our biggie for the week.